DiPaCre & Partners Gained Valuable Insights in a Recent Survey

DiPaCre & Partners Gained Valuable Insights in a Recent Survey
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DiPaCre, in collaboration with our esteemed partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, and Turkey, is excited to announce the successful completion of our recent survey, which gathered valuable insights from 43 senior musicians (aged 50+). This initiative is part of our ongoing Empowering Senior Musicians project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union (Project ID: 2023-1-BG01-KA210-ADU-000152921).

Our survey aimed to assess the digital competencies of senior musicians and identify knowledge gaps that need to be addressed through targeted educational materials. The findings from the survey are both revealing and instrumental in shaping our future training initiatives.

Key findings include:

  • 100% of respondents own a smartphone and have internet access, indicating a high level of basic digital connectivity among senior musicians.
  • 72% expressed interest in using digital tools and services for music production, showcasing a significant willingness to embrace digital technologies.
  • However, only 20% feel prepared to use digital technologies for music production without assistance, highlighting a substantial need for support and training.
  • Over 50% of participants are interested in improving their digital skillset, demonstrating a strong demand for educational resources.
  • Only 25.6% find it easy to locate educational resources to enhance their digital knowledge, pointing to a gap in accessible training materials.
  • Only 30% understand the term “metadata”, indicating a need for basic digital literacy education.
  • 51% report a language barrier in using the latest technologies and finding educational resources, underscoring the importance of multilingual support in training materials.

These insights are invaluable as we move forward with our project. The information collected will be deeply analyzed and cross-referenced to ensure that our planned training activities accurately address the identified knowledge gaps. By aligning our educational materials with the specific needs of senior musicians, we aim to empower them with the skills and confidence required to thrive in the digital age.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the senior musicians who participated in the survey. Your contributions are crucial in shaping a more inclusive and supportive digital landscape for the music industry. We are committed to leveraging these insights to develop tailored training programs that will significantly benefit senior musicians across Europe.

Stay tuned for updates as we refine our training modules and roll out new educational initiatives designed to bridge the digital divide and enhance the digital competencies of senior musicians.

Thank you once again for your valuable participation and support.

Warm regards, The DiPaCre Team

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