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The digitalisation of society has created an intergenerational gap between the older and younger generations. This gap is a major obstacle for senior musicians to stay present, connect with audiences and realise a digital presence. With the rapid development of technology, such project is strategic and necessary in order to tackle the intergenerational divide by directly addressing the technical skills gap within industry actors from this generation which is preventing the target group to access the digital supply chain, develop new audiences and restore their competitiveness factor in the oversophisticated digital world.

The main objective of this project would be to assist senior musicians to realise a digital transformation via development of tailored guidelines and provision of training. The project target groups can expect to learn about how to use technology for its various professional purposes and how to keep up with changes in technology. We are also aiming to disseminate project activities and findings in order to motivate the general population of senior age and particularly the actors in the creative industries to embrace the digital shift.

The development and implementation of such targeted training programme will also enable the Digital Partnerships for Creative Europe Association to establish its position as a cutting-edge training center for digital transformation for the
creative sector. Our main mission as a non-for-profit foundation is to democratise access to the digital opportunities for the creative industries via training for all target groups and particularly the most disadvantaged ones.